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Created by Texas State University students

San Marcos Coins (SMCs) are digital coins that can be used to make purchases in local stores in the San Marcos TX area. Each SMC equals $1 USD in those stores, and you get rebates by using SMCs in selected stores. SMCs are stored in the CMT Wallet app on your phone. Download CMT Wallet TODAY to get started!

Consumers & Students


Pay with SMCs. All you need is your phone. Get rebates in selected stores.

Free SMCs

Participate in promotions and giveaways to get SMCs for free. How-to guide


Purchase SMCs with credit cards right from CMT Wallet.

Scan the QR code using your CMT Wallet app to purchase SMCs

Purchase SMCs

You will need the CMT Wallet mobile app to purchase and use SMCs. You can simply scan the QR code using the CMT Wallet app to purchase using a credit card. Or, you can click on the button below on your mobile device.


Local business owners

Easy profits for your business

Accepting SMCs brings new customers to your business and saves credit card fees! It is very easy and safe for cashiers to accept SMCs, and you can redeem your SMCs to US Dollars with us at any time. Check out the step-by-step guide for accepting SMCs in your store.

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What is SMC

San Marcos Coins (SMCs) are digital coins accepted in local stores in San Marcos. 1 SMC equals $1.

How to get SMCs

SMCs are stored in the CMT Wallet mobile app. Download CMT Wallet to get started. You can earn SMCs through giveaways, or purchase SMCs via a credit card.

Where can I use SMCs

SMCs can be used to make purchases in partner businesses around San Marcos, Texas. Watch out for the SMC sign!

Why do I do use SMCs

You will get rebates for using SMCs in selected businesses. SMC payments are safe, fast & easy.

What is CMT Wallet

CMT Wallet is a mobile app that provides a simple, secure and powerful digital asset management tool. Through the CMT Wallet, users can experience a range of applications including the San Marcos Coin.

How's it help my business

Local businesses will see more customers, more revenue, faster checkouts, and less fees. Please email us.

Who are we

Rico Laitinen

Business Development Specialist

Rico is a MBA student at Texas State University. He is responsible for all business development activitives at the San Marcos Coin.